Achieve equitable opportunity for every Indian

Achieve equitable opportunity for every Indian


Indus Action’s low-cost, high-stake policy implementation campaigns like Project Eklavya nurture existing leadership within Community and Partner Entrepreneurs. This network organizes existing resources within governments and civil society to achieve our mission across India


Enable the disadvantaged, sustainable access to legislative rights


Our vision is to enroll 1 million students by 2020 through the Project Eklavya Network

project eklavya

Our flagship effort is Project Eklavya which aims to build a modern day India in which Arjun and Eklavya, irrespective of their birth in different social strata, can learn and grow together in the same school. As part of this mission, our goal is to make RTE Section 12(1)(c) implementable across India by 2020, enrolling 1 million students and fostering inclusive practices across schools.

latest publications

    Campaign 1.0 Report

    This report highlights the interventions made by INDUS ACTION for the admission cycle 2014-15, to create more awareness in the South district of Delhi. Based on our campaign experience, we present a template for motivated individuals, civil society organizations, academic institutions to build on and replicate in their respective geographical areas across India.

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    Social Inclusion Research Report

    This report looks at the the motivation behind Section 12(1)(c), studies international case studies and recommends next steps for schools and civil society. The report also includes primary research done by INDUS ACTION, and highlights 8 schools as bright spots, implementing a host of inclusive practices, along with a perception study of schools across Delhi.

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    Status of Section 12(1)(c) implementation in Delhi

    The report highlights the status of implementation of Section 12(1)(c) of Right to Education in each Vidhan Sabha of the city of Delhi. It is an attempt to activate the political class of the City. The report also includes recommendations for each stakeholder involved.

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Every contribution is a worth while and a step towards an inclusive society. You can give in many ways and in any measure

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